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• 7/13/2016

Marines Message Board 5.0

Continue your discussion for all things relating to the marines and communication for games.
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• 7/5/2015

Story Board.

Got a story you want to tell? Tell it here, whether it funny or cool. Everyone have fun and ask questions. These are stories about UAF missions, personnel, and training exercises. (This board is for the UAF and affiliated groups)
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• 4/26/2015


We've got several story's going now. What's going to happen? We don't know but lets talk about it. And... Speculate! (For Clones of Shadows, and Warriors in the Dark)
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• 4/20/2015

The Brotherhood General #1 - Happy Birthday Jeulin Edition

Welcome Brotherhood members, to our first thread on this forum. We honestly have no use for this (except disrupting our Marine neighbors when they see this)
WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE NEW TRAILERS (Batman V. Superman, Ant-Man, Fantastic Four, Star Wars, Rogue One)
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• 1/5/2015

Administration Board

This thread is for administrators to discuss the maitenance and general improvement of the wiki. This is where the admins can get technical as Vas suggested.
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• 1/4/2015


Hey guys, another new change is coming to the United Armed Forces Joint Special Operations Command. I know a majority of the guys from UAF are moving over to the SWGEmu unit, but I cannot, and I'm staying on SWTOR. Because of that, I proposed to Brig. General Vasco Ferreira that I become the UAF JSOC Commandant and take control of the unit, since I'm going to be the last, if not one of the last, veterans on the game. Vasco has approved this proposal, and I've been promoted to Colonel and given permission to implement my plan.
First thing is retirement. Since a majority of you veterans are moving to SWGEmu, I'm retiring all the veterans. Retiring simply means you are staying in the guild, and retaining your current rank, but you have no positions or obligations. However, if you choose to stay active on both SWGEmu and TOR, then I won't retire you. However, I'm automatically retiring all veterans, so if you want to not retire, please inform me immediately (Kord has all ready asked me to not retire him). However, if you change your mind later, I'll retire you then.
I'll include the major ideas of what my plans follows below, but if you want specifics, you can view it here.
Next thing is recruiting; because we have very few members, I'm doing something way different: everyone is being given a fresh start. All ranks are set to Sergeant, and units and positions are abolished (with the exception of Commandant and retired units - you will retain rank). The number one priority is recruiting; all I want you to do is recruit. No training or official guild events until then, just recruiting. Once we have 100 guys, ranks and positions will be distributed. Ranks, positions, and units will be distributed based on (most to least important) a) prior experience, both TOR, military, and leadership-wise, b) activity, c) recruting, and d) donating and conquest points. However, ALL these are considered; no point in giving a high position to someone who has experience, can recruit, and donate, but is never active.
Also, each position's responsibilities, ranks, and everything about that position will be given an official page on this wiki, added soon. 
Any questions or comments, please leave below.
–2nd Lieutenant Legoclone Kyrimount, Administration Platoon, UAF JSOC — 00:46, January 4, 2015 (UTC)
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• 1/1/2015

MoS Applications (SWG)

If you have any questions about MoS applications and what's the best route to go or for really anything regarding your MoS in SWG leave a comment below or message Cold, Vasco or I.
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• 1/1/2015

Marines Message Board 4.0

We can continue our discussions in this new thread created in the new year.
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• 11/6/2014

UAF JSOC Structure Change

Ok so Luke and I came up with a new structure for the UAF JSOC. We wrote it down and sent it to Advisor Vas and General Derek, who both approved it. The changes have been placed on the United Armed Forces Joint Special Operations Command page. Checking the page revisions might be confusing, so if you really wanna see the difference just check out the "Format" and "Roster" sections and you'll see it is different. That should hopefully explain it all. Also, Sergeant Major responsibilities have been updated on the vote page. If you have any questions regarding the change, please ask below or on the UAF JSOC page. The guild in-game will be updated, hopefully on Friday, if not on Saturday.
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• 11/2/2014

Update (yes, another one... but this one's important I promise)

Ok so after talking with General, we have decided that if any members of the guild UAF JSOC have not logged into the game on SWTOR within 31 days, they will be kicked from the guild. So if it's been a month since you've gone on SWTOR, chances are you are gone. Before being kicked, however, I will send in-game mail to the main accounts (not alts) informing you why you have been kicked and offering membership again if you become active. That way, if in 3 months in the future you get back on you'll have mail and know why. This will take effect starting next Saturday (11/15/14). 
Also, only ONE (1) alt per person is allowed in the guild, so if you have multiple I will mail you in-game and ask you to decide. The other will be removed. Currently, that only applies to Cold (Phantomghost) and Turbo (Turboblast).
Also, mandatory donations are going to be enforced starting this weekend. Just a reminder, they are:

Levels 1 - 4 = no donations
Levels 5 - 10 = 2,000 per week
Levels 11 - 30 = 4,000 per week
Levels 31 - 50 = 10,000 per week
Levels 51 - 55 = 20,000 per week
Levels 56 - 60 = 30,000 per week
Now, getting the money to me is a bit harder. All the donations will go through myself and I will personally keep track of all donations for each person, so if you don't donate I will know.

For free-to-play, buy a Basic Medpack off of the GTN (they can be found at the Rep Fleet, Coruscant, and guild stronghold). ONLY buy the Basic Medpack sold by me for however much you must donate. So they will be sold for 2000, 4000, and 10000 credits each. Buy that and the money will be mailed to me (and yes, you can keep the medpack :P)
For Preferred Status, I would prefer you trade the money with me. I will be online Friday nights and Saturdays afternoons only, so if you can't get on at the same time as me, do what f2p does (above).
For subscribers, just mail the money to me. Simple.
I will try to mail you about this, and will also mail you if you don't donate the amount. Also, the Basic Medpacks I'm selling are NOT currently on the GTN so if you can't buy it off the GTN before the week is over, it's ok this week.
And BTW my alt account is Kyr-Zadyn, so if you see him online that's me. You can mail money or trade money with that account too for donations.
–2nd Lieutenant Legoclone Kyrimount, Administration Platoon, UAF JSOC — 21:52, November 2, 2014 (UTC)
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• 11/2/2014

Rakghoul Plague Survey

I need someone to do a quick check on some of the more densely populated areas of Corellia so I can write a report on it for the Officer's guidebook. I hear a tracked vehicle broke down around there somewhere and you can get inside and check on some infected crew members. I don't need anything big just some screenshots and a report on a scale of 1 through 10 of how bad it is.
-Sgt. Slarglide
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• 11/2/2014

Vote for Sergeant Major of the UAF

The vote for the Serrgeant Major of the UAF is ON! It will end at 1600 eastern on 11/15/14, or November 15th 2014. Also, there is a new system for voting so read carefully!
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• 10/29/2014

Vote for New Leadership Complete

The vote for the new temporary leader of the entire United Armed Forces is complete. The winner was Derek Skywalker! A picture of the vote is posted below.
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• 10/24/2014

Marines Message Board 3.0

Just keep commenting... :P
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• 10/18/2014

Huge Update for UAF JSOC

Ok guys, I had a real long discussion with Brigadier General Vasco Ferreira about the UAF, more specifically UAF JSOC. And guys, all I can say is this is sad. Really sad. I first asked him about how many days of not being online in the guild counts as being inactive. He told me 2 weeks. So if you have not logged in in the past 14 days you are officially classified as inactive. After looking over the guild, 21 of the 34 members of the guild are inactive. There are even alt accounts in the remaining 13 active people, meaning our active size is just over 10. Guys this is unacceptable. Our guild could progress so much more if we had active people on. 
Just to go over what it means to be inactive, it means you keep your rank, but you lose your position in the fireteams you are in. So if you used to be lead of a team, you are now revoked of a position and placed into the "Inactive Pile". Someone else has to take lead. Even if you do come back, your previous place is not assured. You may be reassigned. I have updated the roster on the United Armed Forces Joint Special Operations Command page, and that is the most up-to-date roster. If you are in the inactive category and log back in, you are still considered inactive until you contact me and tell me you are going to start to be active. I repeat, you will remain inactive until I am personally notified. You can do this through in-game mail, my message wall, or chat. Once this happens I will contact and officer and see what your new position is. 
On another note, our guild bank is lacking. We need more funds. This will be used towards funding our stronghold and future flagship and anything else the guild needs. Almost no one has been donating, so Colonel Derx came up with mandatory donations EVERYONE active must donate, and it was approved by Brigadier General. It is dependent on your level and must be donated weekly. If you do not donate, punishments will be dealt, however they have not been decided on yet. Also, someone will keep track of these donations, but that person has not been decided on yet. I will get back to you on this later, and the mandatory donations do not take effect until I get back to you. The donations are:

Levels 1 - 4 = no donations
Levels 5 - 10 = 2,000 per week
Levels 11 - 30 = 4,000 per week
Levels 31 - 50 = 10,000 per week
Levels 51 - 55 = 20,000 per week
Levels 56 - 60 = 30,000 per week
There are no exceptions to these rules, and remember this is just the minimum, you can donate more. And the money required is not even that much, so there shouldn't be any difficulty. If you are having trouble finding a way to get the money or give it to the person you need to give it to, contact me in the ways mentioned above.
Brigadier General Vasco has initiated a UAF-wide vote for change of leadership for 2 months. This means the leader of UAF will be changed, and it will be decided by a vote from all UAF members. The vote is here. The United States Marine Corps does this, so we are trying this out too. However, it is official so be wise who you vote for. The vote ends on October 29th.
Colonel Derek will now lead guild activities every Friday and Saturday. The guild activities will be from 16:00 - 18:00 central time both Friday and Saturday. On Fridays, it will be guild meetings. On Saturdays, it flashpoints. This will happen every week, so I will not be creating individual messages informing everyone of each guild activity.
Also, Colonel Derek is starting boot camp again, so if you have not participated in boot camp or SOI, please contact him in-game or leave a message on his wall.
Look overall, I don't know what you guys are doing. I'm sure its important things like school work, homework, jobs, family-related events, or whatever, and I won't force you away from those nor do I condemn you for those, just keep in mind our guild cannot progress if you are not active.
All these things have been approved by Brigadier General Vasco Ferreira.
If you have any questions or comments, comment below.
–Sergeant Legoclone Kyrimount, Alpha Team, First Platoon, UAF JSOC — 01:49, October 18, 2014 (UTC)
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• 10/9/2014

The Clone Wars Message Board

This section of the forums is for discussion regarding the series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This includes any tie-in material such as the official comics and novels based off the show. Have fun discussing the past, present, and future of The Clone Wars. Enjoy!
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• 10/9/2014

Star Wars Rebels Message Board

This section of the forums is for discussion regarding the new Star Wars television series, Star Wars Rebels. You can discuss what you thought of each episode and speculate on the future of the series. Enjoy!
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• 9/27/2014

Operation on 09/27/14

Attention all SWTOR guild members! There is an operation on Saturday 09/27/14 at 1600 eastern (REMEMBER TO CONVERT)! It will consist of flashpoints for different teams. Please try to get on as soon to that time as you can. Also guys try to level up ASAP! 
–Sergeant Legoclone Kyrimount, Alpha Team, First Platoon, UAF JSOC — 00:20, September 26, 2014 (UTC)
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• 9/20/2014

Operation on 09/20/14

Attention all guild members! Sorry for the late notice but there is a guild operation today (09/20/14) in-game at 1600 central time. Note-this is central time, so you will have to convert time zones if you are another one. In other words, it starts in 3 hours and 45 minutes from when this is posted. The operation will be higher level players helping lower level players on their missions. So please, lower level players get on so we can help you. Thank you!
–Sergeant Legoclone Kyrimount, Alpha Team, First Platoon, UAF JSOC — 16:16, September 20, 2014 (UTC)
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• 9/9/2014

Marines Message Board 2.0

This forum is dedicated to general discussions regarding the marines and their activities in-game. This is the replacement for the previous message board. Have fun and let the discussions begin. Semper Fi!
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