"Clear the area!"

This page and/or document is official United Armed Forces protocol and/or policy. Unless you have authorization do not edit this page on the Star Wars Military Squads Wiki.

This page lists all the responsibilities of the Admin Platoon in UAF JSOC. Please note that Command Squad has the authority to override all decisions made by the Admin Platoon, and Command Squad has approved everything listed on this page.

The Admin Platoon has jurisdiction over:

  • Guild Bank - this includes the storage of boosts, crafting materials, and gear and the purchasing of boosts and collecting of crafting materials.
    • The boosts are for guild member use only.
    • GuildBankProportions

      Guild bank proportions

      Crafting materials are ONLY for guild purposes. It is no one's private storage for their own crafting. That means the materials can only be used when crafting prefabs, invasion forces, and dark projects, all for the guild. A list of materials that can be stored in the guild bank are any crafting materials mentioned here.
    • Members of the Admin Platoon should keep the guild organized as shown to the right.
  • Guild Stronghold - this includes purchasing strongholds and expansions, and providing the furniture needed
    • APLs get silver keys to all guild strongholds
    • All expansions and strongholds purchased must first be authorized by Command Squad.
  • Guild Flagship (future) - this includes monitoring the gathering of materials and crafting invasion forces, war supplies, and dark projects used in invasions planned by Command Squad
    • This does not mean the Admin Platoon plans and carries out invasions, rather we monitor the supplying and managing the supplies for invasions.
    • All Data Cubes, Biometric Crystal Alloys, Rakata Energy Nodes, Synthetic Energy Matrix, and Self-Perpetuating Power Cells gained in any flashpoints or Operations must go to the guild, whether it is a guild operation or not.
  • Wikia - this includes running and maintaining all functions on Wikia
    • Everything on Wikia and most of the things posted on Wikia is done by members of the Admin Platoon
  • APL Duties - this includes all Admin Platoon responsibilities restricted to regular members
    • Guild member notes in-game are maintained by APLs. They include roles, unit, and sub/not.
    • Message of the Day is updated by APLs informing users of new changes in the UAF JSOC.
    • Guild roster is maintained in-game and on Wikia. 31+ days inactives are automatically kicked (with the exception of alt accounts and retired members).
    • Each week, a competition will be held; it's the Highest Guild Conquest Points Competition. Like it sounds, the person with the most guild conquest points will be rewarded with 20,000 credits each week, used with guild money. The APLs monitor this, and reward the person with the most points.
    • All assignments for members of the Admin Platoon; basically anything we ask someone to do will be kept track of.

If you have any questions regarding the Admin Platoon's jurisdiction or anything within our jurisdiction, please comment below.