The Commandos of Gladiator squad ran to the armory on their homeworld of Kamino. They grabbed their weapons and put on their armor. The clones were trained for this very day that had now come upon them. The commandos ran outside of the facility and out onto a landing platform where hundreds of troopers were boarding gunships and Acclamator-class warships.

“Commando get team one into LAAT 236 and team two in LAAT 237” a clone commander ordered.

The commando squad leader saluted and ordered his troops to load onto the gunships. When the gunship lifted off the commandos looked outside the window where they saw a massive army of soldiers in white armor gathering on the rain drenched platforms. The commandos knew that after ten years of training they were finally being deployed for the purpose of their very existence.

Chapter 1: Survivor

“For ten years we received our training on the stormy world of rain and water. We were all born into a world of constant training. In childhood we were taught to kill in every manner of combat by mercenaries and the warriors who came before us. Sometimes I wonder if that ten years can really prepare a man for what we would see that day.”

CT-5356 stood in the closed dark compartment of the LAAT as he looked over to his squad. He waited nervously with the other members of Fear squad as the gunship remained in the hangar of the massive Acclamator-class assault ship the Ambitious. Over the comms he heard the brilliant order that he was waiting for his entire life. This was the order that he was bred for, the one he always waited for.

“All units this is Breaker 2 Actual we have just entered orbit of Geonosis and are launching all transports. All Actuals standby on command channels for further updates out.”

The LAAT took off with all doors closed and entered into the crimson red skies of Geonosis.

The squad sergeant CT-5368 briefed the squad “Alright lads we will be landing at LZ Aurek in five mikes. Our objective is to provide rear security for the 17th mechanized division as they push through the central valley. Remember we were bred for this and I know all of you are fully capable of this task.”

The squad joker CT-5337 sighed “Great we get to clean up the 17th’s poodoo in the rear. We should be out on the front lines with everyone else.”

The rest of the squad wondered the same thing as they came to realize this may actually be a boring day. Suddenly a call came in through the comm channel.

“Fear 1-1 this is Breaker 2 Actual be advised command is re routing your squad. A high tier asset needs gunship escort and your LAAT is the only one available in the AO. Overlord out.”

“Maybe this will not be a boring day after all eh 37?” CT-5356 laughed.

The pilot interrupted the laughter “We are forming up with LAAT 2748 and approaching final LZ we are opening doors now.”

The doors of the LAAT opened showing the skies of the red planet. The troopers looked down seeing the dry desert which was shocking when they compared it to their home. A gunship formed up on their side and the doors opened revealing a four man team of clones in Katarn armor.

“Holy hell its a commando squad!” CT-5356 yelled “Those guys are supposed to be tough as nails I wonder what they are doing here.”

CT-5368 answered “Must be the high tier asset we are escorting but I wonder why they need basic grunts like…”

The sergeant was interrupted by the pilot who screamed “Incoming AA lock performing evasive maneuvers!”

The LAAT carrying the commando team was hit knocking its right wing off and sending it crashing towards Fear squad’s LAAT. The composite beam gunner screamed as the other LAAT crashed into the bubble shaped cannon crushing the gunner and sending glass into the co-pilot. The cold red blood of the co-pilot covered the cockpit.

“This is Crawler 2-3 we are going down repeat LAAT mid air collision we are going down over…” the transports crashed into the desert throwing one of the troopers out of the door leading to his death.

CT-5356 opened his eyes but all he could see was red. He looked around and saw the bodies of his brothers white armor painted with the red splats of their own blood. He saw two commando’s lay dead on the ground but hesitated wondering if they may still be alive. They had heard rumors that the commando’s were invincible. He Tried to walk over to them but he fell on the ground as a great pain rushed through his leg. Overhead the sounds of explosions and blaster fire rang out through the sky. CT-5356 ran towards the cockpit to check on the pilot but before he could get there he saw a yellow striped pilot’s helmet on the ground and knew what happened. The trooper knew he had to continue on as he was trained to do. He could not allow this tragic event to stop him from completing the objective but he did not know what the new objective would be now.

CT-5356 looked over and saw one of the commandos crawl out from one of the gunships and applied bacta to one of the other commandos.

“Hey Sixty Six you good? Come on man stop sleeping on the job.”

The commando got up wiping the sand off his helmet and said. “Copy Forty Seven I'm kriffed up but I I'm up where is Twelve and Seventy Eight?.”

Forty Seven paused then told him the grim news “They were killed on impact when we crashed there is nothing we can do for them.”

Sixty Six was saddened by the news but decided there was no time for grief. “Ok lets get on with the objective we need to rally with team one”.

Forty Seven agreed but then he noticed a clone trooper limping towards them. “Hey shiny what is your number?”

The trooper responded “CT-5356 sir.”

The commando looked at the troopers leg and asked “Are you going to be able to help us with an operation trooper?”

CT-5356 responded “Yes sir it will be an honor assisting commandos today sir.”

The clones marched rapidly through the desert scanning their surroundings and checking every possible sniper hide and repeater blaster emplacement. Soon the team saw a large spire that was taller than all of the mountains around them. The spire was crimson red like the rocks and every other inch of the planet. The commandos scanned the area checking for an entry point.

Sixty Six briefed the team “Our objective is a holo disc inside the central command center of the spire. This disc contains information on all AA emplacements in this region. If we can get this intel the Republic can gain full air control of this planet. In approximately twenty minutes team one will arrive to extract us at the south hangar so we need to hurry. Any questions? Ok good let’s move out!”

The team approached the rear entrance and noticed the droids on guard had been killed. They speculated that it was most likely done by artillery getting the wrong grid coordinates or by a gunship flying over that could have taken fire from the droids. As they entered the cold damp hallway they noticed it was clear.

“Sixty Six are you sure this is the right spire?” Forty Seven asked.

“Yes I am sure of it.” Sixty Six said.

They approached the command center and stacked on the door. Sixty Six made a hand signal and Forty Seven hacked into the door console.

“Three, two, one, go go go!” Sixty Six ordered.

The clones breached the command center and noticed no one was inside. The room was a large circular shaped command center. There was a central red holo table in the center that showed troop movements of both clone and CIS forces. There were six entrances into the center that were all closed. Sixty Six went to the central computer but noticed the intel was gone.

“Where the kriff is the disc?” Sixty Six yelled in anger. At that moment every entry way except for the southern hanger opened allowing Geonosian warriors to entr.

Sixty Six shouted “Ambush!”

The clones opened fire at the brown bug like creatures killing three of them. Forty Seven was hit three times by a green pulse weapon and fell to the ground. He tried getting up but was shot two more times by a large yellow beam weapon.

“Commando down!” Sixty Six yelled.

CT-5356 started to lay down cover fire as Sixty Six ran over to the fallen commando.

“Kriff they got Forty Seven he is dead. The intel is gone we need to evac before.” Sixty Six was cut off as multiple blaster bolts went through his neck forcing him to his death.

One of the bugs threw a thermal detonator at CT-5356 throwing him across the room.

CT-5356 looked up as Geonosians gathered around him. One of the bugs took a staff with a sharp blade on the end of it and pointed it at the troopers neck. Just then the door exploded and two commandos stormed the room. The commandos shot the geonosians and stabbed another with a vibroblade. One of the commandos saw the two bodies of the dead commandos and motioned four regular infantry troopers to grab the bodies. One of the commandos ran over to CT-5356 and dragged him to the hangar. Inside of the hangar an LAAT was landed with two more commandos providing security at the door. The commando dragged CT-5356 and placed him inside of the gunship and motioned for the other commandos and the four man infantry squad to get inside. The LAAT took off and one of the commandos took his helmet off.

“What is your name corporal?” the commando asked.

“CT-5356 sir” the trooper answered.

“No your name not number. For instance my number is RC-1484 but my name is Vas.” The blue striped commando said.

“I never thought about it really” the trooper said.

One of the commandos with a sniper rifle who they called Hawk said “Lets call him White since his armor looks like the floors of our barracks on Kamino.”

Everyone laughed but from that day on the Corporal would become known as Corporal White. After the battle of Geonosis the commandos of Gladiator team one mourned the loss of team two. Soon clones were spread across the Galaxy but unknown to many war was coming home.

Chapter 2: Revival

When the Kaminoans first created the Fett lineage clones Jango Fett and his Mandalorian advisors realized the need for an elite unit of clones to undertake covert operations that the regular units could not handle. The result of this was the genetically altered ARC Troopers. After completing training under the watchful eyes of the bounty hunter Jango Fett.They were the most independent and unpredictable units we had which caused the Kaminoans to fear them. The one hundred elite soldiers were locked in stasis to preserve age… until now.

“This is not a drill we are on lockdown alert red. All units moved to designated security positions and all cadets follow emergency safe room protocol” the intercom sounded.

Droid troop carriers began landing on the platforms as the armor of white clones rushed into battle positions. The storming skies overhead would make one wonder if they were hearing lighting or the sounds of blaster fire. Troopers fought bravely and made many sacrifices but could not hold the line. This was not enough to hold the line and the Kaminoan Prime Minister Lama Su knew this.

“I don’t think we are going to hold this city any longer Prime Minister. What is our last resort option to defending the city?” Jedi Master Shaak Ti asked.

The Prime Minister thought about it then answered “We have kept an elite breed of clones in stasis.”

Shaak Ti then resumed to ask “Why are they in stasis?.”

The Prime Minister responded suspiciously “Their genes have been modified. They think for themselves rather than being told what to do. Their independence can result in disobedience yet their abilities are far superior than most of our units. These warriors are the closest thing we have to emulating Jango Fett.”

Shaak Ti thought about it for a moment then responded “I will personally lead these units to defend Kamino but you must activate them.” The Jedi did something mysterious yet unknown.

Lama Su went to her personal aid and said “Activate all Advanced Recon Commando units and alert them that we are on Kamino defense protocol.”

ARC Troopers around the city awoke from stasis tubes and were told to gear up. They were advised on the current situation and prepared to move out.

A group of clone troopers set up a perimeter around five cadets in the center of a large  cloning lab. The lab had two entrances inside and a long rectangle shaped window on the north side. The droids hacked into the door console leaving the clone squad, cadets, and around fifty battle droids in the lab. The clone squad’s numbers started to dwindle as one by one they were shot. Soon all of the clones were dead as the cadets prepared to be executed or possibly captured for unknown CIS purposes. Suddenly the glass bursted sending shards into some of the battle droids. Fifteen clones jumped through the window throwing EMP grenades and firing at the droids. One of the clones with red striped armor and a shoulder pauldron was wielding two pistols as they cleared the room.

“Lab Seven secured we are now moving to sector twelve out.” An ARC Captain said over the comms.

Soon ARC Troopers spread out through the city assisting the Kamino Security Legion and standard infantry clones.

“This is Zulu 2-7 at platform four we are taking heavy fire and are about to be over ran repeat we are losing platform four and need…” the security commander was cut off as multiple shots rang out neutralizing the squad of super battle droids that had surrounded his men.

Out of no where these shots emerged dropping droids on other platforms allowing other squads of clones to control the landing platforms of Tipoca city. Unknown to many, ARC troopers specializing in sniper tactics were set up in high positions around the city.

“ Two Zero I got a group of targets bearing two oh one at three five six meters crossing the bridge.” ARC Trooper Coyote said while holding binoculars.

The two snipers wore gray cloaks over their armor that allowed them to blend into the surrounding platforms and dark sky.

An ARC Trooper laying next to him was aiming down the scope of a DC-15x Sniper Rifle replied “Target confirmed” as he put his finger on the trigger.

“You are on free fire from here on out neutralize all spotted targets Two Zero.” Coyote said.

The sniper squeezed the trigger and repeated the process six times hitting six battle droids through the head.

“Throw me a mag Coyote.” the sniper whispered.

Coyote threw Two Zero a six round magazine. Two Zero loaded the magazine into his rifle and then dropped the other six targets. The sniper resumed firing at multiple targets across the platforms as Coyote spotted them out for him.

“Kriffing cold out here man its freezing being on a high platform during the rain. They should have put us under one of the closed off corridors instead but no Jango had to make us ram’sers. How do you deal with this buurenaar anyway.”? Coyote complained.

“I like the cold and rain its better than the heat. You are just shabla vod.”

Coyote laughed and responded “Copaani mirshmure'cye, vod? We are going to have to start calling you Ciryc since you can deal with this weather.”

“Cold? Not bad Coyote” Two Zero responded.

“Nightreaper 2-1 this is Section 2 Actual do you have eyes on the north east platforms over?” An ARC Commander asked over the comms.”

“Nightreaper 2-1 copies we have eyes on the platform over” Coyote said.

“Roger there is an LAAT that has been critically damaged and is attempting to land at that platform we need you to provide overwatch as medical teams move in to assist the wounded Section 2 Actual out.” the ARC Commander said as he closed communications.

“Alright Ciryc we are going to double shot this.” Coyote said as he set up his DC-15x.

The two ARC snipers aimed through their scopes scanning the platforms. An LAAT appeared out of the stormy sky with the right wing smoking forming an even thicker cloud over the sky.

“I got eyes on the gunship its coming in fast bearing one four two. Theres the medical team approaching the pad.” Coyote informed Cold.

The LAAT smacked onto the platform and landed on its side. The pilot climbed out of the cockpit and tried to pull the co-pilot out. As he was pulling the co-pilot out he was shot in head dropping the other pilot onto the ground. Droids closed in on the platform as the medical team callsign Holiday attempted to open the doors of the LAAT.

“This is Holiday 2-7 we are having issues trying to open the LAAT doors so we are going to have to cut it open. We need about three minutes max to open the doors and are requesting sniper support out.” one of the medics said over the comms.

Coyote and Cold opened fire on the droids, rotating out. After firing six shots Cold would reload while Coyote fired. This allowed the snipers to maintain a constant array of overwatch protection. The medics opened the doors and dragged the surviving troopers out of the wreckage and into a cloning center.

Meanwhile across other sections of the city ARC Troopers would be engaged in close quarters combat with the droids in order to defend the safe rooms that clone cadets were being evacuated to.

“We are pinned down outside of Safe room five we can’t hold the line we need reinforcements!” A clone trooper yelled over the comms while firing his carbine.

A group of super battle droids enclosed onto the clone squads position corning them into a dead end hallway. One of the side doors of the hallway opened revealing an ARC Trooper with a Z-6 rotary cannon fired neutralizing the entire formation of droids.

“Eh been in stasis too long forgot how fun this weapon was.” The ARC named Alpha 32 said.

“This is Section 5 Actual requesting immediate support at corridor twelve from any units on this channel. We have intel vital to the protection of the clone gene type and need escort to a safe room.” a clone security captain asked over comms.

An ARC Captain wearing red striped armor ran over to Alpha 32.

“Thirty Two we need to support that element on the double lets go” the Captain said as he pulled out twin blaster pistols.

“You know I don’t like when you call me that number sir. The name is Marl remember?”.

“Sorry we have been in stasis for a long time lieutenant.” the Captain responded.

The two ARCs moved through the tight hallways of the cloning center and approached corridor twelve. There they witnessed a massive battle taking place in the corridor.

“Droids are right on the other side of this wall, Marl I need you to neutralize them.” the Captain ordered.

“Yes sir Capn.” Marl said.

Marl turned the corner firing his Z-9 rotary cannon taking down the line of droids, he was careful to not hit any of his fellow clones. The Captain rolled and threw an emp grenade followed up by firing his pistol, neutralizing four droids. The right wall of the corridor explodes sending everyone to the ground. Super battle droids poured through the hole in the wall firing their wrist blasters and rockets at the clones.

“All units fall back now!” the Captain barked.

The clones fell back into the safe room under the cover of Marl’s rotary cannon. Minutes later a quick reaction force of clone Kamino security troopers swept through the corridors neutralizing the remaining CIS forces.

After the first battle of Kamino two more conflicts would arise on the stormy planet. The ARC Troopers received two deaths that day as the remaining survivors would be sent across the galaxy to perform covert operations against the CIS and other enemies of the Republic.

Chapter 3: Neutrality

We entered into the galaxy knowing only two sides. Soon we discovered neutral systems who chose not to enter the war. I was curious to know if neutrality was truly the answer to this war.

“Lieutenant Vas, you and your squad are going to aid the protection of the neutral planet Bakura. We have received word from Prime Minister Sarah Arden that the CIS is invading. This is our only chance at gaining Bakura over to the Republic do you understand?” Admiral Mercy asked.the commando.

“I understand Admiral what is our mission objectives for the operation?” Vas responded.

“Your objective is to rally with the Bakuran Special Forces and assist them in an advisory and direct action capacity. You be orbitally inserted at LZ Wolf inside of the political districts primary courtyard. That will be all lieutenant, now assemble your team and get planetside.” the Admiral commanded.

Vas saluted then ran to the hangar to link up with Gladiator squad. The squad boarded an escape pod to prepare for launch. Entering the planet through an escape pod was a new technique the commandos developed. It would give them a greater chance of entering the planet with stealth but their landing position could be tracked. Due to this, Republic engineers modified the pod by removing the tracking beacon.

“All ships we have just exited hyperspace prepare for launch repeat prepare for launch.” the intercom sounded.

The Venator class attack cruiser approached the planet witnessing a massive fleet of CIS frigates massing over the planets orbit.

“Gladiator squad you are clear to deploy repeat deploy go go go.” an engineer said as he launched the escape pod.

A squadron of LAAT gunships escorted by a V-19 torrent squadron flew past the pod. The transports were carrying members of the 501st. The troopers of the 501st were being sent in to secure the capital city. Gladiator squad was being dropped behind enemy lines to assist a team of local special forces operators. The pod entered the planets atmosphere and began to descend towards the ground.

“I don’t like these heights man.” Hawk said. “Is it too late to become an AT-TE driver?”

“Relax Hawk besides the engineering of this pod is extraordinary.” Teck said.

“I think I am going to blow this pod up after we land. Lets see how extraordinary it is then.” Shockwave laughed.

“Lock it up commandos I can see the city from here.” Vas shouted.

The night sky was filled with AA fire and tracers going everywhere. The commandos could see search lights moving around until suddenly one of the lights was illuminating their pod.

“What the kriff.” Shockwave said.

The pod started taking fire from flak guns near a Bakuran military outpost.

“That has to be friendly AA everyone brace yourselves.” Vas yelled.

“At least these guys have bad aim.” Hawk said just as a round hit the pods window cracking half of it.

“Kriffing nerf herders” Shockwave said in anger.

The pod crashed into the city streets slamming hard into the side of a building. The commandos exited the pod and set up a perimeter scanning the area. Suddenly a squad of destroyer droids opened fire on the team.

“Gladiator squad suppress those droids.” Vas yelled “Shockwave anti armor position there” he pointed.

Shockwave ran to a small wall and equipped the grenade launcher attachment on his DC-17. He fired two rounds into the center of the three destroyer droids.

“Their shields are down sir!” Shockwave yelled.

The commandos concentrated on targets from left to right neutralizing the droids.

“All targets down lets move commandos” Vas said.

The team moved through the empty warn torn streets of what used to be a beautiful and populated market. They approached an intersection when they saw a group of shadows moving down the street ahead of them.

“Unknown contact front” Vas said as the commandos aimed their weapons towards the shadows.

The figures emerged from the dark holding weapons.

“We are saved Captain!” a voice shouted.

“Quiet corporal!.” another said.

“Who are you.” a voice questioned.

“Republic Special Operations.” Vas answered “And who might you be?” he added in an odd toned manner.

“I am Captain O’neil of the Bakuran Army Special Tactics Unit.” O’neil said.

Vas and the Captain shook hands and then discussed a plan of attack. The Captain’s unit had been caught behind enemy lines and were assigned to neutralize an artillery emplacement

“The cannons are placed here in this courtyard. How should we assault this position commando?” the O’neil asked.

Vas looked at the holo map then pointed out a strategy “Captain I will take Hawk with half of your squad to this apartment on the east side of the court yard. You, Shockwave, Teck and the rest of your squad, will move from the south to neutralize the guns.”

Commando Teck looked at map and noticed the type of guns being used. “Sir I would advise that we take the guns and use them to our advantage.” Teck said.

“Four of my men were in artillery before joining Special Tactics. They could help operate the guns.” O’neil added.

“Smart thinking but we need to get moving asap!” Vas said.

The group split in half and converged on their designated locations. Vas, Hawk, and the Bakuran Team stacked up on the large five story apartment. They kicked the door in and cleared up floors up to the third floor. The team made their way up to fourth floor and began  breaching rooms. Two Bakuran operators entered into a dark room where they noticed a sniper rifle was laying on ground. When they moved to investigate the closet door slammed open and two figures grabbed the Bakuran operators and held vibroblades to their neck. Vas entered the room to see where the operators went but saw two clones holding blades to their necks.

“Whoa easy there troopers those are Bakuran soldiers and we are GAR.” Vas said.

The two troopers were wearing blue striped armor, kamas, and shoulder pauldrons revealing  they were ARC troopers.

“What is your RC number and unit.” one of the figures asked.

“RC-1484 Vas, what are two ARC troopers doing here? What is your name and designation?¨ Vas said.

¨ Alpha Two Zero Cold and this is Alpha Twenty One Coyote. The real question is why are you here commando?¨ the ARC trooper asked.

¨We are here under the orders of Prime Minister Sarah Arden to take these artillery positions now get out of our way you hooligans.¨ O’neil interrupted as he walked into the dark room.

The ARC troopers looked at each other. Coyote said in a dark voice ¨I don’t give a kriff.

¨We are here to neutralize a high valued target that is all you need to know.¨ Cold said.

¨Is that enough neutrality for your Bakuran government?¨ Coyote mockingly said.

¨You nerf herders dare offend the government of Bakura?¨ O’neil said furiously.

¨Lieutenants get on with your operation and let us take these artillery positions.¨ Vas said imperatively.

¨We cannot do that. The target will be driving past this position in ten minutes on a speeder. If you assault that artillery position the HVT could be alerted to our presence.¨ Cold said.

¨We can neutralize the guns with stealth I assure you.¨ Vas said.

¨Thats a negative I’ve seen what commandos call stealth and I am not impressed.¨ Cold said in a sharp tone.

Vas was furious at the recon trooper’s remark but withheld from saying anything.

¨Hey why don’t we just work together¨ Hawk said ¨We can wait until the high valued target passes and let Cold and Coyote here take him out before he escapes the city. Meanwhile at the exact same time they kill the HVT our two assault teams will converge on the arty positions.

¨Glad to know some commandos have a brain¨ Coyote laughed.

¨Then it is settled¨ Cold said.

Everyone agreed and set up in positions waiting for the high valued target to pass by. The two ARC troopers were in sniper positions with Cold on the rifle and Coyote spotting for the target.

¨Stalker 2-1 this is Orbital  2 Actual I need a status report over.” the ARCs heard over the comms.

“Stalker 2-1 confirms your last Racer send it over.” Coyote replied.

“Don’t use real names over the comlink idiots.” Racer yelled.

“No worries you are a 501st officer sitting in an air conditioned command room sir.” Coyote said.

“I don’t have time for this, the high valued target should be driving past your location now. I want him dead out.” Racer ended the conversation.

A land speeder convoy was seen in the distance. The convoy was made up of three land speeders armed with repeater cannons on the top. Everyone prepared to perform their duties.

“Target in sight bearing two zero five at five hundred meters main road. I see him with the red military cap passenger side of the open top land speeder.” Coyote said.

The target was a human male who was being guarded by Bakuran insurgents. The insurgents were against the rule of Prime Minister Arden thus aligning themselves with the CIS.

Cold steadied his shoulder into the rifle stock and controlled his breathing.

“I got him holding for shot.” Cold said.

“Middle vehicle Cold. Take the shot on driver, top gunner, and HVT.”

Cold fired three shots hitting the driver first, the gunner, and finally the enemy officer. The speeder spun out of control stopping causing the rear vehicle to crash into it.

“Nothing like watching insurgents drop.” Coyote said.

At that moment the lead vehicle opened fire in random directions. The gunner got shot in the head by Cold along with the driver. The passenger dismounted and fired his blaster at surrounding buildings but was hit through the chest. The entire convoy had been eliminated by a lone sniper.

Teck, Shockwave, and the Bakuran soldiers started their attack on the guns. Shockwave shot three droids and stabbed a B1 with his vibroblade. Teck threw EMP grenades knocking out an entire squad of droids. Some Bakuran insurgents tried to counter attack but were shot by Hawk who was providing sniper overwatch in a nearby apartment. Vas roped down from a rooftop and fired his grenade launcher at a squad of super battle droids coming down the road.

“The area is secure.” Vas said.

The Bakuran soldiers along with Teck and Shockwave manned the artillery cannons.

“Moon 1 Actual this is Gladiator 1-1 we have secured a mortar site and are standing by for orders.” Vas said over the comms.

“This is Moon 1 Actual to Gladiator 1-1 we confirm your last. We are sending you grid coordinates for strikes out.” Admiral Mercy said over the comms.

“Teck you got that grid?” Vas asked.

“Yes sir we are locked and ready to fire.” Teck responded.

“Fire!” Vas ordered.

The guns opened fire sending the arty shells across the city. The sound of the shells made a screeching noise as they hit their target. The shells exploded destroying two platoons of droids.

“Second coordinates sent you got em Teck?” Vas said.

“Confirmed ready for shot.” Teck said.

“Fire!” Vas commanded.

The guns fired destroying the final wave of droids on the outskirts of the city.

“This is forward recon to Gladiator 1-1 good shots the city is secure out.” a scout said over the comms.

“Good job men the city is secured and Prime Minister Arden has evacuated safely.” Captain O’neil cheered.

Vasco and the O’neil shook hands as a LAAT landed to extract the remaining Republic commandos and ARC troopers. This battle would be like many to follow. It would question the neutrality of planets provoking them to join the CIS or the Republic. For Gladiator squad this would only be another day of war that will last for years to come.

Chapter 4: Corporate Corruption

The clone wars grew on sending us to countless star systems. The war made me realize that people changed over the course of their life. I believe people's origins can be the difference between peace and violence but what opinion can I have? I was made for one purpose...

Natasha Trash’ki stood in her corporate office tower looking at the window into the colorful Coruscant skyline. She had been negotiating a new deal that would ensure her success in life and the money that she had always dreamed of having. This dream emerged when she was only a young child growing up in the Coruscant underworld. She had lived a life with no parents until one day she was adopted by a rich family, who owned a biotechnology company named Solar Corporation. After her adopted parents passed away she was given full ownership of the company.

Months after being given the company Natasha fell into debt due to the war. The Republic was putting all available resources into the war production and her company was not given a contract. She used her mercenaries to steal, murder and control power over her small section of Coruscant. Soon people began to protest causing massive riots to grow daily outside of her corporate headquarters in downtown Coruscant. In all the despair she found hope through another opportunity.

Solar Corporation had gained a contract with the CIS to develop combat programming techniques using their technology branch. The contract ended when Natasha realized the CIS was using her for a pointless war. Soon her scientists discovered a weapon that could give her unlimited power over her enemies. A weapon that lead down a dangerous and costly road.

Five months after the discovery of Natasha’s new weapon, protesters gathered around the Solar Corporation’s headquarters in downtown Coruscant. They were protesting rumored biological experiments on human beings that went wrong. Solar security contractors exited the tower and began beating citizens with staffs whilst firing blaster rounds in the air.

“This is complete stupidity Natasha!” Laz Badar yelled.

“Why did I make you CEO in the first place Laz? Natasha responded.

“You saw it was of your best interests Natasha.” Laz said.

“I must have been a fool then.” Natasha laughed.

A security contractor ran in the room shouting “Mistress we must evacuate you asap, we believe the Republic is on to us, they have dispatched police and shock troopers to this district.”

“Laz you stay here and use the demolition charges to destroy the building. Make sure the contractors have it planted before you leave.” Natasha said.

“I will ensure the building is destroyed.” Laz said.

“Oh and fire upon the crowd if they refuse to leave.” Natasha ordered.

“Firing at unarmed citizens? The Senate will be outraged by this and will deem you a terrorist.” Laz said.

“I could care less what the Senate thinks.” Natasha said.

Natasha walked out of the room.

Meanwhile down in the streets below the tower, protesters continued their riot as Solar corps security contractors loaded live ammo into their weapons.

“Prepare to fire!” A contractor captain said.

“Citizens leave this area now or be executed.” he demanded.

The citizens were angered by this and began charging towards the line of security contractors.

“Open fire!” the contractor commanded.

The line of security contractors opened fire on the crowd. Fifty people were killed within the first ten seconds. Citizens fell on the ground drenched in blood while others screamed looking upon their friends and loved ones. The contractors continued to fire killing another group of protesters.

Chapter 5: Fire

The Senate was worried about a bomb threat, we were worried about a virus. Intelligence told us Solar corporation was working on an anti clone virus that could wipe out any clone that came in contact with it.

“This is Sierra Actual to all callsigns. We have confirmation that targets are opening fire on the crowd. All armed targets are to be considered hostile out.” Captain Whitelaser said over the comms.

Whitelaser looked across at the squad of shock troopers inside of the LAAT, the red lights flickered on.

“You know the drill men we will set up a perimeter around the tower and provide cover for the emergency medical units. Once everything is secure we will breach the tower and begin clearing floors. We believe Solar has a chemical bomb so each team will have a bomb technician assigned at all times. Any questions troopers?” Whitelaser said.

“No sir!” the shock troopers said.

“We have arrived at LZ opening doors.” the pilot said.

“Deploy ropes go go go!” Whitelaser said.

The LAAT dropped ropes and the troopers began to fast rope down in front of the tower behind a group of police speeders. The troopers took cover as contractors opened fire on them.

“Archer fire the gas grenades!” Whitelaser ordered.

Shock trooper Acher loaded tier gas into his grenade launcher and began firing rounds off.

The contractors continued to fire regardless of the gas.

“Sir they must have gas masks.” Archer said.

“Sergeant Slarglide take aurek squad and flank the left. Archer and I will provide covering fire” Whitelaser shouted.

Slarglide took a squad of shock troopers and began sprinting towards the left wall of the tower. A contractor saw them and began firing. The contractor was then shot in the chest by Whitelaser.

“Krill squad take up the right flank!” Whitelaser ordered.

A squad of shock troopers ran to the right side of the tower. All squads continued to fire at the contractors. Whitelaser and Archer pushed up the middle with the cover of both flank squads.

“Pop smoke!”. Whitelaser commanded.

Archer threw two smoke grenades towards the center of the tower. Whitelaser and Archer pushed up to where the contractors were taking cover. Archer stunned two of the contractors causing the rest to put their hands up.

“Keep those hands up scum.” Whitelaser yelled.

“I got em boss.” Archer said as he detained one of the contractors.

The shock troopers breached the building and began yelling for everyone to put their hands up. Solar corps workers put their hands up as the shock troopers began detaining them.

“First platoon clear floors one through fifty. Second platoon Fifty one through one hundred. I want that bomb found.” Whitelaser said.

“Sir this building has hundreds of floors what about the middle sections.” Slarglide asked.

“Second Battalion is sending reinforcements to deal with that Sergeant.” Whitelaser said.

“And the Chairmen’s office?” Slarglide asked.

“SO BDE” Whitelaser responded.

Meanwhile on the top floor Laz Badar sat in Natasha’s office waiting for his ship to arrive.

“Where is my transport you idiots.” Laz yelled at a group of contractors.

“Its five minutes out sir.” one of the contractors replied.

“It better hurry before the Republic arrives.” Laz said furiously.

At that moment the office door exploded knocking two contractors to the ground. Four Republic commandos from Gladiator squad ran in the room. A team of ARC troopers roped through each window covering the floor with glass, a LAAT hovered outside with two ARC snipers riding on the side.

“Weapons down let me see your hands” Vas yelled.

“You're not taking me alive!” a contractor yelled raising a pistol to Vas.

A bolt went through the contractors head. Vas looked at the two snipers sitting on the edge of the LAAT’s left side door. Cold gave him a thumbs up before reloading his rifle.

A man wearing a balaclava walked in the room and sat in a chair across from Laz.

“It is a pleasure to meet you mister Badar. Can I call you Laz or do you hate first names?” The man asked.

“Who are you Republic dog.” Laz yelled.

“Republic intelligence, my friends call me Sentinel but you can call me the angel of death if you please.” Sentinel said smiling.

Sentinel got out his chair and stood behind Laz looking out into the Coruscant skyline.

“Its a nice view from here Laz” Sentinel said.

“Shut up.” Laz yelled in anger.

Sentinel grabbed Laz and threw him on the ground..

“So do you want to tell us where your friend Natasha is?

Laz lay on the floor trembling but refused to say anything.

“ARC Trooper Marl this man looks terrified could it be because of your weapons?” Sentinel asked.

“Maybe some refreshments would calm him down sir.” Marl replied.

“Ah yes perhaps a drink of water? Please hand me your water supply trooper.” Sentinel asked.

Marl handed him a container of water.

“Enjoy” Sentinel said.

The Republic agent put a cloth over Laz’s face and began to pour water through it. Laz began struggling in terror as he was being tortured. Sentinel waterboarded Laz for about thirty seconds then stopped.

“So now that we are treating you in a civilized manner can you please tell us where Natasha is?” Sentinel asked.

“Take the coordinates, just don’t kill me please!” Laz yelled as he handed Sentinel a datapad.

“You are never getting off this tower scum! I have planted a bomb that will kill all of us!”

“Oh really? Sentinel began to laugh. “Oh that bomb in the security armory?”

“What did you do?” Laz asked.

“Don’t you just love the bomb squad?” Sentinel asked. “Now you can enjoy a peaceful time at Republic prison.”

“You can’t stop this Republic scum!” Laz yelled.

“Enjoy your life mate” Sentinel said.

An ARC Trooper entered the room, he saluted Sentinel.

“Sir the virus is gone we just searched the lab floor.” The ARC said.

“It seems Natasha has ran off with it. Lets just hope it is not too late” Sentinel said.

Chapter 6: Ashes

“I wasn't surprised to discover evil on such a hell like planet. I only hope we can survive the coming trials of that hell.”

“Based on the intelligence you found at the Solar Corporation headquarters, we believe Natasha and her biological weapon are hiding at a Solar Corps outpost on Mustafar. The outpost was given to her during a trade with the Black Sun and is currently being used to mine resources.” Intelligence Agent Luke Docker said.

In the briefing room 501st Lieutenant Racer, Sergeant Shade, Corporal Key, and ARC Troopers Cold and Coyote all sat listening to the agent’s briefing. Key was starting to doze off but Shade  drove his elbow into the trooper’s shoulder waking him up.

“Eyes forward rookie!” Shade instructed the new squad member.

“I’ve seen combat before sergeant.” Key responded.

“Not in the 501st” Shade said.

“How do we know she is on Mustafar agent?” Coyote asked.

“A team of Shadow Troopers callsign Ghost have confirmed her presence there.” Luke replied.

“This facility is going to be hard to infiltrate.” Racer said.

“That place is shielded and covered with AA which means we can’t fast rope from a LAAT.” Shade said pointing at the holo map.

“Why does it have to be on a giant rock surrounded by lava on all sides? Do they want us to swim across or something?” Key said.

“Cut it with the poor jokes Key” Shade yelled.

“Copy that.” Key said with a smirk on his face.

“A bridge on the south side of the facility is the only way in.” Luke said

“Security must be tight there.” Racer said.

“Intelligence has deployed a shadow team to provide overwatch as you cross the bridge.” Luke said.

“Great those Shadows are stealing ARC jobs by the day.” Coyote said.

“Not until we die.” Cold said.

“You are sounding more like Jango every day” Coyote said


“Hey at least you guys don’t need that fancy cloaking armor” Shade said.

“You see Cold this is why I like working with the 501st, very intelligent and professional soldiers.” Coyote laughed.

“Not to interrupt gentlemen but lets continue the briefing” Luke said.

“Copy that” the ARC Troopers said.

“Once you cross the bridge Cold and Coyote will neutralize the base shielding while Racer takes his squad to find Natasha in the living quarters.” Luke said.

“Sir if we turn the repulsor shields off won’t that destroy the facility?” Coyote questioned.

“Thats the point, if the facility is destroyed it will fall into the lava therefore destroying the bio weapon along with all the concept designs.” Luke said.

“In other words we need to grab Natasha fast.” Racer said.

“Once the shields are down I will have a transport land at the northern landing platform for extraction.” Luke said.

“In and out.” Shade said.

“Your are dismissed troopers” Luke said.

The troopers left the briefing room and boarded a mining freighter with a squad of 501st troopers, the freighter jumped into hyperspace and arrived in orbit over Mustafar.

“We are approaching LZ” the pilot said.

The ship landed in an open rocky field. The sky above was covered in black ash clouds as the troopers exited the ship.

“We are five hundred meters from the facility, all units move out.” Racer ordered.

The troopers began hiking over rocky terrain towards the Solar Corps mining facility. In the distance they could see volcanic eruptions in every direction.

“Enjoying the heat.” Coyote said to Cold

“This planet is a nightmare.” Cold responded.

“Maybe one day we will deploy to a frozen planet.” Coyote said.

“Yeah one day.” Cold said.

The squad kept hiking until they finally reached the bridge.

“Reaper 2-1 this is Breaker 9 Actual, confirm transmission over.” Luke said over the comms.

“Copy that Breaker 9, we have arrived at target location over.” Coyote responded over the comms.

“The Shadows report that there is no sign of activity, you are clear to cross point skip maker out.” Luke said over the comms.

“Thats odd.” Coyote said with a curious tone.

“What is it” Racer said.

“The shadow team said the bridge is clear and there are no signs of guards or anything.” Coyote said.

“Lets get the squad over the bridge then.” Racer said.

“I have a bad feeling about this sir.” Coyote said.

The troopers began to walk across the bridge in line formation with one fireteam protecting the rear. The troopers kept their weapons raised aiming at each of the blast shield windows expecting one of them to open. Key kept his rotary cannon downward as he looked at the lava river below the bridge.

“Thats a long way down.” Key said.

The squad was almost across when suddenly an explosion occurred blowing up the side of the bridge furthest away from the outpost. The bridge starting to collapse as pieces fell into the river.

“The bridge is collapsing!” Racer yelled.

The squad started sprinting to the other side, two troopers at the rear of the column fell off the bridge screaming as they were consumed in the lava river. Everyone else made it across horrified at what happened.

“Kriff what the heck happened!” Coyote yelled.

“It seems they planted explosives expecting our arrival.” Cold said.

“We lost troopers Broke and Central sir.” Shade told Racer.

“We need to keep moving.” Racer ordered.

“Cold and I will head through the left door and take out the shields.” Coyote said.

“Copy that, the rest of us will move through the right door and find Natasha.” Racer said.

Cold and Coyote entered a long corridor aiming their blasters forward.

“The power room is on the second floor which means we need to find the west elevators.” Coyote said.

The ARCs walked down the hallway until they found the elevator. They then boarded the elevator and rode up to the second floor. The elevator door opened as the two aimed their blasters at the room they just entered. The room was small with three doors on each side forming a t-section.

“This doesn’t look right.” Cold said.

Two of the doors opened and Solar Corps mercenaries began firing at the troopers. Cold and Cody got back to back firing their WESTAR-M5 rifles at the mercs.

“Kill the clones!” one of the mercs yelled before being gunned down by Cold.

One by one the squad of twelve mercs were killed by Cold and Coyote.

The fighting stopped whilst the two ARC troopers scanned the room. There were dead bodies everywhere. Cold reloaded his weapon and looked at Coyote.

“Area secure.” Cold said.

A merc tried crawling over to a blaster, Coyote looked at him and then executed him with a DC-17 pistol.

“Now its secure.” Coyote said.

“The power room should be down the next hall.” Cold said.

The recon troopers walked down the next corridor and stacked up on the power room door.

“Hack and flash.” Cold ordered.

Coyote nodded and started rewiring the door controls. Cold pulled out his DC-17 custom revolving system pistol.

“Ready” Coyote said.

The door opened as Cold threw a flash grenade in the room, Coyote entered first shooting two blinded mercenaries in the right corner, Cold entered second killing a mercenary taking cover behind a computer. A door across the room opened, a mercenary appeared firing a heavy rotary cannon at the troopers. Cold and Coyote took cover behind a steel table.

“Figures they bring the big guns to a CQB fight.” Coyote said.

Coyote threw a flash grenade over the table blinding the mercenary, Cold stood up and shot the mercenary three times in the chest killing him.

“Good job.” Coyote said.

“That was a close call, lets keep it tight from now on.” Cold said.

“Agreed.” Coyote said.

Coyote walked over to the system controls.

“Cold give me some time and lock these doors down.” Coyote said.

Cold walked out of the room and set up a small round sentry droid in the hallway, he then walked back in the room locking the door.

“That should keep the mercs busy for a while.” Cold said.

The ARCs then heard blaster fire and screaming.

“I think your little friend killed something.” Coyote remarked.

“Sounds like it.” Cold said.

“Repulsor shields offline, system failure imminent.” the facility computer repeated over the intercom.

“This place will be going down soon, lets get to the extraction point.” Coyote yelled.

They ran out of the room and saw twelve dead mercenaries killed by the sentry droid.

Meanwhile Racer and the troopers of the 501st Legion’s Havoc Detachment approached the facilities living quarters.

“Watch your sectors.” Racer ordered.

The troopers were in double column formation on either side of a dark narrow hallway. The lights were flickering on and off forcing the troopers to use flashlight attachments on their weapons.

“Die Republic scum!” a mercenary screamed charging and firing at the squad.

Racer and Shade fired their blasters at him, he dropped to the ground.

“Behind us!” Key yelled.

Mercenaries appeared on both ends of the hallway.

“Defensive formation!” Racer ordered.

Key opened fire with his rotary cannon, killing three mercs in the rear hallway. The other troopers returned fire with their DC-15S blasters quickly neutralizing the hired guns.

“Have you noticed the security of this facility? Almost every door is unlocked and we have only encountered one squad of mercenaries.” Shade told Racer.

“I don’t like it either sergeant but we need to keep moving.

“Copy that sir” Shade replied while reloading his DC15A blaster rifle.

“How far away are we from the target?” Racer asked.

“Its the room at the end of the hall sir.” Sergeant Shade said pointing forward..

“Stack up and prepare for entry.” Racer ordered.

Six troopers out of the twelve man squad guarded the hallway. The others gathered on either side of the door.

“Breach it!” Racer yelled.

The door opened, Racer and Shade ran in first with four more troopers behind them. Natasha was sitting in a chair behind a table on the other side of the room. Racer looked at the black haired woman eye to eye.

“Natasha you are under arrest by order of the Galactic Senate.” Racer ordered as the facility began to shake.

Natasha looked at Racer with a smirk across her face.

“Thats not my style, my company will live on despite this minor defeat” She told Racer.

“Its over Natasha, there is no where to run.” Shade said.

“You think I didn’t know you were coming? All of you are fools along with that group of womp rats you call a senate.” Natasha said.

“You are going to pay for the Coruscant massacre!” Racer yelled at her.

“Your blood will act as as a loan for that payment.” Natasha said.

A beeping sound rang out, Racer noticed blinking explosive devices planted on the room’s floor.

“Bomb! Go go go!” Racer yelled.

The troopers sprinted out of the room as it exploded killing two 501st troopers.

“Lieutenant are you alright?” Shade asked as he ran over to Racer.

Racer laying on the ground responded. “Ah I can’t feel my leg.”

Racer moaned in agony as Shade carried him. Key ran back into the room and saw a burned corpse on the ground lying next to a pair of dead troopers.

“Key lets go we need to get out of here!” Shade ordered as the facility began falling apart.

“Sir I need to confirm the identity of the body.” Key said.

Key walked out as the room collapsed.

“Too late now lets go!.” Shade shouted.

The troopers ran across a bridge to the massive landing pad where a Consular-class Republic cruiser had landed. Cold and Coyote were kneeled next to the ship’s ramp firing at a group of mercenaries on a nearby catwalk.

“Get in, lets go!.” The pilot barked over the comms.

The squad boarded the ship, the troopers watched as the catwalk collapsed falling into the lava with the remaining mercenaries. The entire facility began to fall into the burning lava below as the cruiser lifted off into orbit.

“What happened to Racer.” Cold asked Shade.

“He is in critical condition, a bomb went off in Natasha’s living quarters.” Shade responded.

What about Natasha?” Cold said.

“She was killed in the explosion.” Shade said.

“Get Racer to the medical bay.” Coyote ordered.

Shade and Key carried Racer to the medical bay. Luke walked into the hallway and greeted Cold.

“Cold how are you and Coyote?” Luke asked.

“Typical operation sir.” Cold responded.

“Another day in the life of a clone.” Coyote said.

“Where is Natasha?” Luke asked.

“Dead” Cold said.

The ship’s captain interrupted them.

“Agent Luke, I must inform you that Bakuran Prime Minister Arden is personally visiting the ship, she wants a full report on what happened.” Captain Richards said.

“Why is a politician coming here sir.” Coyote said.

“Many Bakuran citizens were workers for Solar Corps, she wants to know if the corrupt organization has been dealt with properly.” the captain said.

“We don’t need a pushy politician telling us how to run things, we already have other teams dealing with the remnants of Solar Corps.” Luke said furiously.

The Prime Minister’s ship has already began docking, once the Prime Minister is aboard their ship will jump to hyperspace with us on our return to Coruscant” The captain said.

“They should wait until we reach Republic territory at least.” Luke said.

Prime Minister Sarah Arden boarded the ship with her personal bodyguards.

“Prime Minister Arden, I am Captain Richards. It is an honor to have you aboard my ship.” the captain greeted her.

“Thank you Captain, I hope you do not mind if I brought my sister Katie along, I am teaching her the ways of politics.” Sarah laughed.

“No problem at all my lady.” Captain Richards said looking at the young blonde haired Katie.

Luke gazed upon Sarah noticing her blue eyes and long brunette hair.

“My lady, I am Agent Luke Docker of Republic Intelligence.” Luke said nervously.

“Are all Republic agents this formal?” she asked.

“Only in front of engaging… I mean respected leaders, such as yourself ugh ma’am.” Luke stuttered.

“I’m flattered, perhaps we could go discuss the operation over dinner.” Sarah asked.

“Yes ma’am, please follow me to the ships mess hall.” Luke said as the two walked to the mess hall.

Cold looked at Coyote and asked “What just happened.?”

“I don’t know but one things for sure, dealing with politicians is bad business.” Coyote said.

Katie walked up to the two ARC Troopers.

“Troopers can you take me to Lieutenant Racer?” She asked.

“He is in the med bay.” Coyote said.

“What happened to him is he ok?” she asked with a worried look on her face.

“He is in critical condition but he should be fine miss, wait why do you want see him?” Cold said looking over at Coyote.

“He rescued us on Bakura and I just wanted to thank him for his brilliant military service.” Katie said.

“Wasn’t he on a venator class cruiser during the battle of Bakura?” Cold asked.

“Knock it off with the questions Cold, lets take the young lady to see the Lieutenant.” Coyote said. “Follow me miss.”

Cold and Coyote escorted Katie to the medical bay, a slight tear went down her eye when she saw Racer laying on the bed.

“Are you alright miss?” Coyote asked.

“Im fine, just an eye condition sorry. Katie said.

Coyote took his helmet off and glanced at Cold, who was still wearing a blue striped phase I helmet with a mounted polarized macrobinocular attachment.

“Do you troopers mind leaving us alone? I need to discuss classified information with him.” Katie said.

Cold and Coyote walked out of the room.

“There is some strange stuff going about on this ship.” Cold said.

“You would think two advanced recon commandos like ourselves could hear classified information.” Coyote said.

“I think there is something going on between the two of them.” Cold said.

“Are you implying that Lieutenant Racer is with her?” Coyote said stopping in the hallway.

“I think so.” Cold said.

“It would violate the military code, not that I care about the rules, after all us Alpha’s were created with independent thought but the consequences is what scares me. I think the Senate should treat us like real people and allow us to make our own choices in life” Coyote said.

“We were made for one purpose Coyote, service to the Republic.” Cold said.

“As much as I love the Republic and its freedom, what happens to us after the war? Are we going to retire and live a free life?” Coyote said.

“I don’t know but right now my life is the army.” Cold said.

“Like every other clones.” Coyote said.