A flashpoint

This page is a guide on how to properly perform a Guild Operation. A guild operation is a Flashpoint, PvP match, or Operation completed by members of the guild UAF JSOC, and all the money proceedings go to the guild bank. In other words, the members of the guild do not get any money from the activity. Here are the steps:
  1. Create an ops group or group consisting of mostly or all guild members (ops group for Operations, group for PvP and flashpoint) and queue for the match.
  2. Upon entering the match, have the group leader or the individual members keep track of the money they had before the match (this does not include commendations).
  3. Complete the match, flashpoint, or Operation.
  4. Upon completion, accept all missions completed (there should be no pending missions in the top right corner), repair all gear damaged, and sell all gear gained. Do not sell crafting materials. Resupply all medpacks or anything else used during the match, no more.
    1. Any missions completed that you have to go to a certain place to complete (such as Priority Dropbox) do not have to be accepted before giving the donated money, but is optional.
  5. Find the money in your inventory after Step 4 and find the difference. This money belongs to the guild and should not be spent without the authorization of someone in the Admin Platoon. This money should make its way to either a member of the admin platoon, a subscriber that can donate money to the guild bank, or your leader, in that order. If given to the subscriber, they should immediately make their way to a guild bank access terminal and donate all the money and crafting materials. If given to the leader, he/she is responsible for that money and must make sure it makes its way to the guild bank. All crafting materials that have been gained on the activity (any materials that can be found on this page) should also go with the money. The only crafting materials each person may keep is materials that are not found on that page, and therefore cannot be used in the guild.

To sum it up, you should be exactly the same way as you were before you started except an increase in commendations, XP increase, an increase money accepted from missions you have to go to a place to turn in, and more crafting materials that cannot help the guild.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please comment below.

2nd Lieutenant Legoclone Kyrimount, Administration Platoon, UAF JSOC