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Training ad

MARSOC personel in training.

Marines doing push-ups

Marine training

MARSOC Squad Rules

Rule1- Show respect (respect everyone below current rank or above).

Rule2- Follow orders.

Rule3- Maintain discipline on duty.

Rule4 (gear)- All personnel must wear the squad combat gear (Desert ARF, Forest ARF, White ARF) on duty, or use what they are ordered to by senior officers.

Rule5 (gear2)- Its forbidden for personnel to use others MOS's gear (example: infantry unit wearing Gladiator units commando gear or machine gunner wearing Scout sniper gear).

Rule6 (hair)- All personel is required to have hair cut marine style aka bald. rex hair cut is good to but only after having it bald 2 weeks, rest of the hair cuts only available after deployment.

Required Skills



-Some knowledge about Team Tactics;

-Radio communications;


-Building (operator is ordered to have a small safe house)


  • MOS- Military Ocupational Speciality

MOS's availble in MARSOC:

-Team Leader -(weapon: blaster, side arm, flares);

-Rifle Man- (rifle/ blaster, side arm, grenades/flash bangs)

-Assault Man- (weapon: rifle/blaster, side arm, grenades/Flash bangs);

-Machine Gunner- (weapon: rotary cannon, side arm);

-Corpsman aka Navy Medic- (weapon: blaster, rifle, grenades and healing flare);

 -Anti-Tank(AT)- (weapons: blaster/rifle, grenades, anti tank rocket launcher);

-Radioman-- (weapons: blaster/rifle, grenades, side arm)

-Scout Sniper (avaible for lance corporals and above only)- (weapons: blaster, sniper rifle, side arm, grenades);

-Engineer- (weapons: blaster/rifle, side arm(mercenary kind), mines, grenades and a small turret);

-Mortar Man- (weapons: blaster, mortar, side arm).

CWA- MARSOC Training Program.

MARSOC follows the real US Marine Corp ranking system.
Marine corp ranks

USMC ranks

Ranking in squad always depends on the operators skills.

Squad Management:

-Trooper class is private to lance corporal;

-Commander class is corporal and every rank above;

-General class is team leaders or HIGH officers only.

Training Sections:


1º Basic drill/ instructions to squad/ Rules;

2º Obstacle course/ PT(physical training) exercise;

3º Tactics/ friendly duels/ mission on umbara;                              

4º tactics/ clearing rooms exercises/obstacle corse hard.

5º stealth tactics/ vehicle exit exercises/ combat training.

6º combat training/patrols/ building safe house.

7º(optional) building skils/radio communications/ mortar skils.

Equipment and Gear

MARSOC Service Uniform: Admiral gear with medical cap.

MARSOC Utility Uniform: Desert/Forest ARF gear

MARSOC Night ops Utility Uniform: Undercover Rex with standard or custom Head gear (black hood).

MARSOC Cold Weather Utility Uniform: Extreme weather clone gear with ARF helmet.



V1 thermal grenade

DC-15 blaster

CQB weapon

DC-15a Blaster Rifle

DC-15 Blaster Rifle

Flash-bang grenade

Flash bang grenade


Rocket (AT)

Z6 Rotary

Z6 Rotary Blaster Cannon

Training Videos.

(these videos are not from the Clone wars adventures game. used only to show tactics)

more added when able.------------------------ -Leader of MARSOC.