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Welcome! This wiki is for any military squads on any Star Wars-type games including Clone Wars Adventures, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and much more! Anyone can make a page for their squad and/or edit it! Any staff members would be more than happy to help you with whatever you need! This wiki is meant to be a fun community and a useful one too, so please refrain from using inappropriate or offending language towards anyone. Thank you!

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To create your very own page, start by clicking on this link here! You can then make the title of your page, and start adding content. These pages can be for recruiting, ranks, squad stories, and anything else!

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact any administrators!

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Rules and Regulations

You can read a more in depth review of this wiki's rules on the Wiki Policies page.

List of Units

Below is a list of units and what game each unit is on. This can help you find the pages you are looking for!

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Go to the Wiki Staff page to find a complete list of all staff members.

If you have technical issues, contact LukeDocker99, Legoclones, or Kord.

If you have questions about the military, contact MarineSniper130.

If it's none of these, or no one is online, feel free to contact Skywalker447.

Any problems? E-mail Skywalker at


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