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Marines of the Future are led by Martyn Skywalker (In-game name is Soap11 Skywalker). We are currently looking for new members as it is a new squad. We will supply new recruits with 4 specialty classes: Gunner, Scout, Sniper, and Bomber.

Class SpecialtiesEdit

Gunner– Gunner can gun about anything and will be a bit like a commando. They get Captain Rex Phase 2 armor and a blaster. They lead the squad and take orders only from the generals.

Scout– All the scout class really does is go ahead of the entire group with a Jedi General or another Scout and reports anything is out of the ordinary. They wear Fives Phase 2 armor and they carry a Blaster Rifle.

Sniper– The Sniper class is my favorite of all the others because, well, Snipers FTW. Anyway a sniper will pretty much get on a hill or behind the group and take out anything that stands between them and their objective. They wear Commander Cody Phase 2 armor and they carry a Balnab Hunting Rifle. (This will be changed soon only a temporary class layout)

Bomber– Bombers carry a missile launcher with Draa armor and they will take out any bosses (Rancor, Hailfire, etc.). They are a very important class in the squad and it would not be an Elite Squad without them.

The RestEdit

Anyone is allowed to join and there may be new classes as time goes by. We hope to see you guys in the squad soon, Semper Fidelis, Martyn out.