Raptor Company is lead by CC-1277 otherwise known as Slammer.
Captain Slammer

Captain Slammer

Squad List (Partial more to be added)Edit



Clones training


Trained by your Captain and mandos.

Slammer and Ghost

Slammer (blue) and other ARC observing Raptors training

Trained Troops


Raptor Special Forces (Tryout dates coming soon)Edit

Raptor Special Forces is lead by former Raptor, Fenn Silverhitch.  Raptor Special Forces will be holding tryouts regualarly.  Fenn, Slammer, Ace Breao and other high ranking clone and trainers. 

Spec Forces Training

Clone in phase 1 armor training for Spec Forces

Special Forces has tryouts that include:

Shooting Challenge

Physical Test

Fenn Silverhitch, Leader of Spec Forces

In Combat Tests

Weapons Training

Skills Test

Shooting Test

Knowledge Test, and more   

Weapons clone

Weapons Specialist Clone


Raptor Spec Forces looks for any clones who specialize in certain abilities or excel in a certain part.  Some examples are: Marines, Weapons Specialists, high ranking scouts, Republic Commandos, Null Troopers and many others.

Raptor Special Forces is lead by the Republic Marine who goes by the name of Fenn Silverhitch.  He was the old leader of Raptor Company before he handed it over to his number two Lieutenant, Slammer, now Slammer is Clone Captain of Raptor Company.  Fenn is a highly experienced leader, a great fighter, and he is loyal to his men. 

Required Equipment and ArmorEdit

All men are required to have at least one piece of blue armor and a clone

Blue Clone Armor with helmet

helmet.  Every man in Rapto
DC-15a Blaster Rifle

DC-15 Blaster Rifle



DC-15 blaster
r Company is reuired to have a standard DC-15 blaster or if they cannot have that at least a blaster of some sort.  It is recommended that if you are a member, you have a rocket launcher and a DC-15 blaster rifle as well.  Some troopers are required to also have the Z6 Rotarty Cannon on hand.
Z6 Rotary

Z6 Rotary Blaster Cannon

  Any other blasters are acceptable if you do not have acces to and of these weapons. 

Recon ReportsEdit

On almost every recon mission any men are sent on in Raptor Company they need to send a recon report using Galactic Mail.  This is what the lay out should be like:

Captain Slammer/Sir

My recon mission was a succes/failure.  (Explanation of why)

(What you found out)

(Any complications)

(Your Name)


Captian Slammer Sir,

Recon mission SUCCESS.

Enemy impacments are weak on the left flank.

Enemy patrols in the area, there will be an opening at 0800.

Sergeant Archer 

Raptor Snipers(more to be added later)Edit

Raptor Snipers is an elite group of snipers who are under the command of Faith Hexpulse.

Raptor Company NowEdit

Raptor company has started transferring over to United Maritime Forces