"Clear the area!"

This page and/or document is official United Armed Forces protocol and/or policy. Unless you have authorization do not edit this page on the Star Wars Military Squads Wiki.

Professions Applications for the Star Wars Galaxies Emulator

If you are coming to the SWG Emulator then you need to fill out a paragraph length application in the comments below. You should ask what two ADVANCED PROFESSIONS you want and give a descriptive well written paragraph on why you want those two classes (Good grammar is not required). Staff will later contact you on your message board about your application and will determine what profession is best for you. We will do our best to give people what they want but guild priorities come first. Good luck and thank you for applying for the SWG Emulator United Armed Forces guild. ALSO PLEASE DO NOT ADD ANY OTHER COMMENTS TO THIS PAGE UNLESS IT IS YOUR APPLICATION. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS CONTACT Cold, Kord or Vasco ON THEIR MESSAGE BOARDS.

Please only comment on this board if you know for sure you are coming to Star Wars Galaxies. It is highly appreciated.