The Mandalorian Guild
Mandalorian Guild
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The Mandalorian Guild, also known as the "Mando Ver'verd'tsad" in Mando'a, was a organization of Mandalorian mercenaries, bounty hunters, assassins and soldiers that operated as a mercenary unit.

The Guild was formed during the Clone Wars under the image of the True Mandalorians which had influenced the founder of the Guild, Aloquar Ordo.

Organization and Philosophy

Ordo asserted that the Mandalorians of the guild were simply highly-paid soldiers, and should conduct themselves as honorable mercenaries, Ordo believed he was walking in Jaster's footsteps, as he led the True Mandalorians. Much of their teachings came from the Supercommando Codex which contained many commandments that not only resurrected but modernized the ancient Canons of Honor. Thus, they highlighted the many tenants of the resol'nare which governed Mandalorian society.

In terms of tactics, their strategies varied during the different periods the members were in operation. At the time of the Clone Wars, they served as elite shock troopers who made use of superior weaponry as well as training to decimate their foes. The missions of the guild members were often high profile and difficult targets that were incapable of being overwhelmed by simple brute force. As a result, the guild preferred the use of tactics, employing mind over matter. The guild often found itself very busy during the Clone Wars.