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This page is the main hub for anything related to the unit United Armed Forces. All games it is, are, and may be present on are recorded, along with descriptions and links.

Current UAF PresenceEdit

UAF (Star Wars Galaxies Emulator)Edit

The United Armed Forces has now officially made a unit on the game Star Wars Galaxies Emulator, which will be the main unit for the UAF. A majority of the members from Clone Wars Adventures will be present on the game. This is a newly-made game, and to sign up or find details, visit the link above.


The United Armed Forces Joint Special Operations Command, or UAF JSOC, is the unit UAF has on the game Star Wars: The Old Republic, a popular MMO game taking place early in Star Wars history. This guild has been established since early 2014, shortly after the shutdown of the game Clone Wars Adventures. Guild members do Operations, PvP matches, and flashpoints together, along with recruiting, training, and raising money for the guild. A guild roster can be found here.

UAF (Arma 3)Edit

The United Armed Forces has a few members actively playing Arma 3, where they perform operations and train. They include Vasco Ferreira, Devis Rainer, Cold, Derek, and Hawk.

UAF (Space Engineers)Edit

The United Armed Forces currently has Vasco Ferreira, and Toby on the game Space Engineers, where they have created several different naval crafts utilized by the UAF.

Former UAF PresenceEdit


The UAF was present on the SOE MMO game Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures from 2011 - 2014. The members started out in Republic Marines Havoc Squad, moved to the MARSOC, and later split off into branches in the UAF. They were United Forces Central Squad, United Naval Forces, United Forces Army, United Forces Security, and United Maritime Forces, which constituted the command unit, Navy, Army, MP units, and Marines of the UAF. It was led by General Gladiator1 Vasco, Lieutenant Bala hunter, Captain Slammer, Lieutenant Echo WhiteLaser, and Major Derek1 Skywalker (in that respected order).

Towards the end of the game, the UAF branches were dissolved and the squad --Gladiators-- was born, which housed a majority of the squad members. This squad remained until the game was shut down in early 2014.