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For all units in UFA, it has been disbanded, but for those who want to continue with the legion are welcome to join --Gladiator Squad--.

The United Forces Army is the main infantry unit of the United Armed Forces. They usually utilize the swarm tactic led by their officers.


The United Forces Army was planned on being created all along, but never came around until October-November of 2013. It was first called Slammer's Squad but was soon changed to the United Forces Army. It is led by Slammer. A majority of the members were inactive members of the United Maritime Forces that were given a second chance.


  • Non-members: White ARF (ceremonials: red cadet gear with clone gloves).
  • Members: Boost gear (ceremonials: full admiral gear with medical cap).
  • Officers: Wolffe Phase II with Boost helmet (ceremonials: see above).

Ranking SystemEdit

The ranking system of the UFA is the same as in the US Army. All members are automatically privates, and to be promoted, you must show leadership skills and be mature. 

Army ranks

Military Occupation SpecialtyEdit

  • Infantryman.
  • Artillery field units.
  • Engineer corps unit.
  • Cavalry (later).

For now, all army units are infantry. Once army has reached 40 members, we will begin dividing up MOS.

Squad LeadersEdit

Slammer (Captain)
Echo Whitelaser (1st Lieutenant)
Bala hunter (2nd Lieutenant)
Andur Gweldforge (Corporal)
Alpha Roach (formally brayden4 miller) (Sergeant)
gun glock (Corporal) 
Jonathan Archer (Sergeant) 

General squad ranks are officers and commander squad ranks are team leaders.

Wolfpack Aleen

United Forces Army