"Lock it down!"

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United Forces Security is the legion United Forces defense. Also known as the MP (Military Police). UFS is led by First Lieutenant Echo WhiteLaser, second in command Corporal Archer, and a new MP leader comming to order soon.

MP Gear

Security gear

Regular MP unit gear

The regular MP unit gear is Shock Trooper gear: First picture (right).

The regular MP medical gear is Shock Trooper but with Kix body armor: Second picture (left).

Non Member MP gear is regular clone with Burner helmet or no Burner helmet: Third Picture (right).

Nonmember security gear

Non-Member security gear (helmet if unit has it)

Security Medic gear

This is MP medic gear

MP Gun Requirements

An MP unit should have the electro staff if possible for security and prisoner transfer, escort, and guard duty.

MP units must have DC-15 carbine rifle.

MP units must also have DC-15A rifle (Felucian rifle for non members).

Pictures will be shown of the rifles.
DC-15A rifle



DC-15 Rifle

MP DC-15 Carbine rifle.                                                           MP DC-15A Rifle.

Electro staff

Electro staff

MP IN Training

MP units in training

Training positions (In First Lieutenant Echo base)

Two Tower guards.

A security desk worker.

Two bunkers guards.

Two- Three Gate guards.

MP Medic (As Many As Possible).

'Note:' More positions will come when MP starts developing more.



Other Branches

The MP unit works with all branches Marines and Navy for security help. As well with that MP units can be in other branches and be still working as an MP unit. If you wish to work as an MP unit please report to First Lieutenant Echo or the next MP leader Corporal Archer.