The following rules and policies are to be read before editing on the Star Wars Military Squads Wiki. If you need any help, just ask an administrator. If no staff member is available, find a senior editor. Refer back to this page as needed.

Basic PoliciesEdit

  • Please refrain from using offensive/obscene language while in the chat or in articles.
  • When adding to an articles talk page, please remember to sign your posts with four tides (~) or simply click on the signature button.
  • If you have a complaint or concern, please do so in a calm and civilized manner.
  • Be friendly to new contributors on the wiki.
  • Vandalism will not be tolerated. If you see any instances of vandalism, report it to a staff member immediately and they will repair the damages and issue the proper punishment.
    • 1st Offense - Warning
    • 2nd Offense - Temporary Block
    • 3rd Offense - Banned from the Wiki
  • Spamming is also prohibited.
  • Category pages should only be created for squad pages. Categories for the general organization of the Wiki should be left to the administrators.
  • Users are encouraged to fill out the "Edit Summary" box before publishing a page.
  • Users are also urged to only edit with a registered Wikia account and to edit their profile page for easier identification.
  • Please do not promote religion, gangs, or politics on this wiki.
  • While in chat, please listen to the moderators and behave accordingly. Do not provoke the moderator into kicking you and then claim they are abusing their power. This is the same as any other conduct offense.
  • If you have legitimate concerns regarding an administrator or chat moderator's abilities, notify another staff member on their message wall.
  • Before major changes are made to the wiki, the changes must be discussed and approved by the majority of the administrators.
  • New users should look over the pages in the Wiki Guides category.
  • If you have any suggestions for new rules, leave a comment below or on the talk page.